Monday, 25 July 2011

Plants for sale in Abington Park

A selection of plants grown from seed by a group of volunteers who help Northampton Borough Council to look after the floral displays in Abington Park are now on sale in the park.

The Choices group are a team of adults with learning disabilities who love working in the park and when they are not tending the flowerbeds they are planting up pots of vegetables and herbs.

They have a tabletop sale of a selection of plants they have grown from seed on sale to park visitors every day of the working week.  Tomatoes, gooseberries, dill and lettuce are just four of the crops they are currently selling.

All proceeds from plant sales go towards paying for compost and seeds for next year as well as an annual treat for the volunteers who work so hard.

Plants will be on sale until September and are located near the booking office between the tennis courts and bowling green in Abington Park.  Alternatively call Choices horticultural team on Northampton 634383.

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