Monday, 20 June 2011


We've recently received this note of warning from an Upton resident...

I live on Lacing Lane and have recently been the victim of two major thefts.  Firstly, our car was stolen from the front of the house.  Our keys were fished through the letter box and the car driven off in the middle of the night and now (just 4 weeks later) my husband's bicycle has been stolen from our garage.  Both the front garage door and the gate from the garden to the communal parking area are locked and bolted, so someone has come over the back wall to do this.

Naturally, both crimes have been reported to the police, but I wanted to pass the word around that opportunists are clearly targeting the area and to warn other residents to be really careful, especially in light of the car theft.
Given we are now in the warmer summer months when people are more likely to leave windows etc open, this sort of crime could become more prevalent.

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