Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Run for fun in Upton!

A new jogging group is starting up in Upton Meadows for complete beginners regardless of fitness level, age, size or ability. The group will be starting on Tuesday 19th July and will continue every Tuesday thereafter, starting at 6:30pm. 

The jogging groups are part of ‘Jog Northants’ a countrywide programme, which is part of the ‘Run England’ – a national programme supported by England Athletics which aims to encourage people to become more active and fitter by running on a regular basis with likeminded people of similar fitness levels. The jog groups will be lead by qualified leader Mel Murray who will guide participants through a series of low intensity gentle walking and jogging programmes to gradually build up to 5K or more. 

The group is completely free of charge and will always start with the very basic walk/jog sessions – so don’t worry about not having jogged before, Mel is here to help you start from the very beginning.

The group will be a sociable way for participants to take part in regular exercise with a group rather than alone and gives participants the pleasure of running outdoors. You will be jogging with other complete beginners so there is no pressure to run more than you feel comfortable with.

For more information the group, contact Mel Murray: 07885 457 265 / mel_murray@live.com

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