Friday, 24 June 2011

Keep the noise down this Summer!

Issue Date: 20/06/2011
Northampton Borough Council News Release: Sound advice on keeping noise down this summer
'Consider your neighbours by keeping the noise down' is the appeal from Northampton Borough Council’s public protection team this summer.
The average number of calls the council received from residents upset about noise nuisance per month last year was 160.  In June the number rose to 226 and July 268.  The bad weather in August and September kept numbers closer to the average but they were still up at 186 and 174 respectively.  Barbecues and late-night parties and people switching the stereo up so it can be heard from the guarden are what add to the number of complaints recieved.
To help neighbours be considerate of one another the council has come up with five useful tips:
  1. Windows and doors are likely to be open so don’t play music at excessive levels
  2. Keep the bass down
  3. If you are planning a party inform your neighbours (not just your immediate ones) at lease 24 hours before
  4. Remind your vistors to keep their voices down
  5. Remember that you are responsible for the noise and behaviour of your guests
Councillor John Yates, Northampton Borough Council cabinet member for public protection, said: "All of us have different tolerance levels when it comes to noise and so consideration for the effect your noise may be having on others is really important.  Noise can ruin a person’s quality of life and the problems are always worse when the weather warms up, which is why we are appealing to residents now.  Please consider your neighbours by keeping the noise down."
For more information visit Northampton Borough Council’s website at or to report noise nuisance call the public protection team on Northampton 0300 330 7000 or email

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