Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Action to reduce dangerous parking around schools....


A joint campaign to tackle the problem of inconsiderate, dangerous and illegal parking around primary schools in the north sector of Northampton is being launched this week.
The campaign spearheaded by Northampton Borough Council’s neighbourhood management team and run jointly with the police and county council’s parking enforcement comes after an increasing number of comments from residents concerned about dangerous and inconsiderate parking around schools.  The issue is a particular problem around school drop off and pick up times.
Whilst the primary intention of the campaign is to warn drivers of the dangers of inconsiderate parking, fines will also handed out to those caught parking illegally or dangerously.
Councillor David Mackintosh, Northampton Borough Council cabinet advisor, said:  "Inconsiderate and dangerous parking around schools is a real issue that we hope this campaign will help to address.  We have received numerous complaints from residents and parents about drivers who abandon their vehicles in dangerous places which makes negotiating the roads safely an absolute nightmare.  

"Our main concern is for the safety of children and we are urging parents and people who use their cars to get to and from school to park legally, safely and responsibly.” 
Each week the team of borough council, county council and police officers will carry out unannounced safety spot checks at one of 17 primary schools in the north sector.  Although all schools will be receiving written notification of the campaign, the exact dates of when officers will carry out the safety checks at each school has not been revealed.

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