Sunday, 15 May 2011

Northampton Youth Forum Elections

Are you - or do you know - a young person who would like to be on Northampton Youth Forum from this June 2011?

There's a mix of places for people to represent their school and also places for 'independent candidates' (individuals who may represent a community group or just be standing as an individual). It all comes together in a big 'elections night' which this year is 21 June from 5pm - 8pm at Northampton Guildhall:
  • Schools normally conduct an elections process. The votes are counted at the elections night.
  • Independent candidates are invited to come to make a very short speech and be elected by young people (they can bring their young friends along to support and take part in the voting).
All candidates who take part in the elections get a certificate - because we know it takes a lot of courage, caring and commitment to take part in an election and we want to say thank you to those people who do and give them something which can go on a record of achievement, in a portfolio etc to recognise their involvement.

Follow this link to find a role description, a personal manifesto form and a nomination pack. 

These will help young people decide if the role is something they would enjoy and with taking part in the elections process itself.

If you want to see photos of the sorts of things Youth Forum's been involved with in the past, you can find photos of Youth Forum activities etc on our Facebook page here.  Everyone is welcome to join the Facebook page - and we post lots of information there all year about things to do in Northampton that are open to everyone to join in.

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